Complete archive list of artist in the ‘Metropole Art Collection’ to date.
Once fully catalogued, Images & Info will appear when each artist is clicked-on;
Please NOTE – this is a Work-in-Progress – see ‘Clickable Artist Profiles‘ for active links.
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Artists yet to be catalogued:

BROWN Jon, BRUNELL Geoffrey, BRUNSDEN John, CARLING Richard, CHAPLIN Bob, CHAPLIN Michael, De SANTOZ Bartolomeus, FEARNLEY Charmian, FREETH H.A.  GATSBY David, HALL Chris, HEADLEY Catherine, HOGAN Eileen, HUMA Arzarig, JOHNS Ewart, LEWIS Jane, LOCK Joan, MACARTHUR Kate, MILES Gordon, MILLS Russell, NICHOLSON Roger, PERRY A. RUSH Richard, SKINNER Deborah, STEVENSON Evie, TERRY Michael.

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