Artist: Alan Cuthbert.  Title: Dreams of Sundance Day.
Medium: Silkscreen Edition: 22/50.  Size: 530 x 770.  Date: .  Ref: CF 118v.
Description: Horizontal Coloured stripes illustrating poem printed underneath the.
Data: 1931-1995. Painter & Teacher. A Member of the Colour Group of Great Britain long interested in colour research & its application.
Head of foundation & vice Principle at Wimbledon School of Art. Consultant for the BBC television series ‘The Colour Eye’.
Retired to France in 1992, where he died.

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Title: The Sun Intercepted by the Surf. Medium: Print. Date:  Ref: Cf 118vi.
Description:Horizontal stripes in Blues, Greens & Orange, with poem underneath

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