Artist: Arthur R. Neal.   Title: Jane in a coat of many colours.
Medium: Etching. Numbered: A/P 2.  Size: 360 x 270.  Ref: CF108.
Description: Young woman seated on a couch, looking right and wearing a striped coloured jacket with casual slacks.
Data: Born 1951 in Kent. Painter, Printmaker & Teacher. Studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, 1969-73. He was a Shepherd and Farm Worker from then until 1978. The work of the Poet Edward Thomas fascinated him. He’s a keen Gardener and lives in Deal.
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Title: Orchard.  Medium: Pencil & Gouache. Size: 419 x 610. Date: ? Ref: CF116.
Description: Wintry looking view of mature orchard in soft subtle shades of Blue, Ochre & Grey


Title: Interior with Snowdrops. Medium: Etching 29/30. Size: 280 x390. Date:  Ref: F.