Artist: David Holt. Title: Deck Chairs (or Porched Blue Figure).
Medium: Oils on panel. Size: 1000 x 750. Date: ?  Ref: CF026.
Description: View through patio window into garden with 2 deck chairs, nearest one, Orange Pink & Green, another Yellow & White stripes; with shadowy male figure behind a gauze curtain on the left.
Data: Born in Hythe, Kent 1928. Lectured full time at Canterbury Christ Church College in painting & Art History, retiring in 1993 as Head of Art & Design Dept. Also known as a lecturer on Art, particularly at the Metropole Arts Center.


Title: Numbered Sunset 1-10.  Medium: oils.
Size: 10 panels 420 x 350 each. Date: 1976. Ref: CF025.
Description: Set of 10 Paintings of Large Grey Firing-Range Target numbers (reversed) all set against a sunset sky, gradating in colours from Orange to Dark Blue, reading numerically from right to left when hung in a line.

David Holt series

Title: Fallen Log. Medium: Watercolour. Size: 150 x 310. Date: 1972. Ref: CF019.
Description: Open landscape dominated by ‘Y’ shaped log against a Grey-Blue sky.

D Holt Fallen Log

Title: Log, Corner Cut. Medium: Watercolour. Size: ? Date: 1972. Ref: CF020
Description: Truncated tree trunk showing cross section, in Browns with Green B/G.

D Holt Corner Cut