Artist: Elizabeth Frink.   Title: The Knight’s Tale.
Size: 495 x 360. Date: ? Numbered: 44/50. Ref: CF058.
Description: Black monochrome, dramatic group of dark cloaked women around a man on horseback, printed on heavily textured B/G.
Data: 1930-93. Studied at Guildford School of Art 1947-49 & Chelsea School of Art 1949-53, under Willi Soukop & Bernard Meadows. Her figure of Christ for the front of the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool was unveiled a week before her death (from cancer).


Title: Manciple’s Tale.  Medium: Etching.
Size: 495 x 340. Date: ? Numbered: 44/50. Ref: CF059.
Description: Black monochrome of standing male nude holding a raven, looking at a lying female nude, with arrow piercing her chest.