Artist: Fred Cuming RA.  Title: Imperial Hotel from Studio Window.
Medium: Oil on Board.  Size: 445 x 245. Date: ?  Ref: CF009.
Description: Indistinctly painted view through sombre interior out of window, with shadowy female figure seated sideways, looking left.
Data: Born 1930, London, of English, Scottish & Irish descent. Specialises in landscapes in Britain and on the Continent. Trained at Sidcup School of Art. Joint winner of the Grand Prix Contemporary Art Award. Monte Carlo, 1977. Lived in Folkestone & Ashford.


Title: Nude. Medium: Watercolour. Size: 530 x 395. Date: ?  Ref: CF012.
Description; Roughly sketched painting of female nude against a platform with studio background.


Title: Reflections, Horton in Ribblesdale.  Medium: Watercolour.
Size: 480 x 330. Date: ? Ref: CF094.
Description: Moody, sombre view in Blues & Greys, through canal bridge arch to shape of buildings, suggested beyond.


Title: Sea. Medium: Etching. Size: 500 x 540. Date: 1978. Number: ?  Ref: CF011.
Description: Brisk impression of sunlight glare on sea, in Black monochrome.


Title: Wave.  Medium: Monotype. Size: 205 x 250. Date ? Ref: CF010.
Description: Swift, brushed impression of wave breaking on promenade pavement in foreground, in Green & Grey-Blues.