Artist: Michael Stokoe.  Title: Cyclists, Tours.
Medium: Etching, numbered: 7/50. Date: ? Size: 495 x 360.  Ref: CF041.
Description: Black monochrome drawing dominated by central heavily textured tree, plus a small potted palm with 3 cyclists passing right to left beyond.
Data: Born 1933 London. Painter, Draughtsman, Printmaker, Teacher. Studied at St Martin’s School of Art 1953-57. Worked for the Ad agency Charles Hobson & Assoc. then in marketing dept. of Iliffe Press.


Title: Conversation – Tours.  Medium: Etching.
Size: 495 x 360. Date: ? Numbered: A/P  Ref: CF040.
Description: 4 women conversing in middle distance, in boulevard of trees.