Artist: Morris Kestelman.  Title: Boujour.
Medium: Lithograph, numbered 22/75.  Size: 420 x540.  Date: .  Ref: CF o85.
Description: Abstract forms on top of each other as a totem, predominantly in Yellows & Reds – One of 12 prints made for the UK National Committee of the International association of Art.
Data:1905-1998. b. London. Studied: Central School of Art, Taught at Wimbledon School of Art. Painter, Stage Designer, Muralist, Book Illustrator & Teacher.
Murals by Kestelman were exhibited at the V&A. Kestelman only began to exhibit on a regular basis towards the end of his life & is now best known for Paintings of working People & the Landscapes he produced in the 1940’s & ’50’s.

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