Artist: Orovida Pissarro.  Title: Ceremonial Dance.
Medium: Etching, numbered 6/35.  Size: ?  Date: 1927.  Ref: CW 11.
Description: Lively figures in dancing in ceremonial dress.
Data: 1893-1968. Daughter of Artist Lucien Pissarro. Worked at etching under the guidance of her uncle Paul Emile. She is remembered for the striking individuality of her animals, both savage & delicate with an oriental poise. She turned to oil painting alter on.


Artist: Orovida Pissarro.  Title: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. Size: 100 x 130. Ref: Cw 03.
Pissarro Orovida.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year web

Artist: Orovida Pissarro. Title: St Ati 2 No 3. Medium: Etching. Ref:
Pissarro.Orovida web

Artist: Orovida Pissarro.  Medium: Etching. Title: Toilette. Size: 100 x 130. Ref: CW 04.
Pissarro Orovida .Toilette web