Artist: Peter Ford.  Title: Connoisseur (after Breughel).
Medium: Linocut. Size: 250 x 250. Date: ?  Numbered: A/P. Ref: CF067.
Description: Cartoon of well dressed man looking over an artists shoulder; the artist is bearded with wild hair, a cp and painting a Green line on an Orange canvas.
Data: Born in Hereford, 1937. Artist & Printmaker. Won a bursary from Scottish Arts Council in 1976, a South west Minor Award in 1977 and a in 1979 a participating member of the World print Council.



Title: Ask Me Another. Medium: Etching. Size: 200 x 175. Date: ? Ref: 071. Two Chinese communist party officials, holding cups of tea, and each uttering a balloon of words like a cartoon.