Artist: Susan E. Jameson.  Title: Landscape.
Medium: Etching. Size: 220 x160. Numbered: A/P 10/20. Date: ? Ref: CF029.
Description: Black monochrome etching of grassy hillock.
Data: Born Cumbria 1944. Printmaker. Studied at Carlisle College of Art, 1960-64, 1963 Gained traveling scholarship to Italy. Attended Goldsmiths’ College of Art 1964-65, then Central School for advanced printmaking studies 1971-73.

SJ 29

Title: Lily Pond. Medium: Etching.
Size: 350 x 250. Date: 1971.  Numbered: 3/75.  Ref: CF028. Description: Pink tinged lily floating in deep Blue water with Blue dragonfly approaching it from the left.


Title: Three Butterflies.  Medium: Etching.
Size: 250 x 250. Date: 1971. Numbered: 55/75.  Ref: CF027.
Description: Fancifully drawn Green & dark Red butterflies in a square format, with 2 clouds floating out of frame.


Title; View and detail. Medium: Etching. Description: Black Monochrome etching of grasy foreground against distant hill. Size: 290 x 175 mm. Ref: CF 030.

Susan jameson 4