Artist: Tim Titchell RCA.  Title: Frith Farm – End of Bed.
Medium: Oils on panel.  Size: 610 x 730.  Date: ?  Ref: CF095.
Description: Brass bedstead end festooned with hats & garments with a bright red bed-cover in the foreground.
Data: Born 1948. Studied at Maidstone College of Art 1966-70 & Royal College of Art 1971-74. Started teaching in adult education at Folkestone. Has exhibited regularly in local shows at Folkestone, Canterbury & occasionally at the Royal Academy Summer Shows.


Title: Interior. Medium: Oils. Size: 750 x 500. Date: ? Ref: CF 043.
Description: Cool Grey, Blue & Brown Interior of a room looking through a doorway across chintz covered armchair and settee to a double rounded topped window beyond.

Tim Titchel Interior

Title: Nasturtiums. Medium: Pastel. Size: 385 x 345. Date: ? Ref: CF044.
Description: Vivid Orange/Red flowers in a squat glass vase on a reflective Brown tabletop, with chair back appearing in background.

Tim Titchel Nasturtiums