Artist: Valerie Thornton.  Title: Cley.
Medium: Etching. Size: 595 x 615. Date: 1975.  Numbered: 8/70.  Ref: CF042.
Description: Side on view of partly ruined flint & stone coursed church nave exterior, with windows in perpendicular Gothic tracery.
Data: 1931-91. Etcher & Painter, born in London. Married to Artist Michael Chase. Studied at Regent Street Polytechnic School of Art, 1950-53 & in 1954 for 8 months at Stanley William Hayter Atelier 17 Paris.


Title: San Pedro de la Rua.   Medium: Etching
Size: 395 x 615. Date: 1972. Numbered: 29/60. Ref: CF107.
Description: Church view up long stone steps to a pair of Rust-Brown doors set in a highly ornate painted arch & pillared recess.