We’re a non-profit group, formed to safeguard & manage the Art Collection acquired by the Metropole Gallery. The gallery’s governing body, the Metropole Arts Trust, evolved into the town’s ‘Creative Foundation’, which is primarily concerned with the regeneration (via art) of the area around Folkestone’s old harbour.

Our partnership with the ‘Creative Foundation’ & other art groups help enrich the life of the town and surrounding districts. Part of our role is to ensure that the work in what is now the ‘Creative Foundation Collection‘ is frequently shown, a commitment we have kept by curating regular exhibitions.

We try to ensure that the people in the area have periodic opportunities to enjoy their rich Art Heritage, and wherever we can, bring high quality, engaging visual art to the town. It’s a voluntary group, so please support us any way you can.

Carol Lewis: Acting Chair – UFN
Ron Lewis: Treasurer
James Marsh: Design & Publicity / Vice Chairman
Eileen Brassington: Membership Secretary / Administration / Liaison Officer
Patrick Marrin: Conservation / Archivist
Louise Lewis: Photography
Leah Welch: Research